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Circus reviews

Dave's report from Cork on  CIRCUS VEGAS:
Circus Vegas on its recent visit to Midleton had been publicising the show using the slogan" THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH"and as I thought on entering the big top it would have to be something special due to the prices it was charging.I paid  15 to sit in the grandstand and with that I had received a 50% reduction.But on leaving the big top I realised I had spent the best 15 of my life.The show had justifiably been using the above slogan of what was a spectacular,value for money and magical Circus production.  
                          This show had everything from beautiful animals,to amazing acrobats and of course the muched loved clown.The show is set in a beautiful green and white big top(exterior)-it was blue on the inside.Inside you have rows of seating,the shop and the plastic ring doors of which in the middle a man controlled the lighting and music for the show.The show itself was fantastic,however I would have to say the ringmaster was hard to understand.The show opened with the talented Miss Beatrix Spindler riding two horses,firstly a white horse and secondly a black one in what was an enjoyable opening to the show.Then came the clown who made a couple of appearances and it has to be said entertained the packed big top and succeeded in his role as the funnyman of the outfit.Next came the absolutely magnificent Herr Scholl who performed a breathtaking balancing act and when at the climax he was balanced on six chairs-I would have to say this was pure magic.Also in the first half we had performances from Valention from Italy with a juggling presentation,Domingo the clown performed an aerial act(not in his clown gear),Miss Beatrix Spindler returned with her well groomed Andalusian Stallions in a fantastic presentation.But to close the first half the Scholl family presented an absolutely sensational act in which they presented their mighty African elephants-Herr Scholl,his wife and I think his two daughters(who were sitting on the elephants)performed for me one of the highlights of the show.The family worked well and treated the elephants well and this for me was the greatest animal act I have ever seen and brought to an end a brilliant first half.
The second half begun with the daredevil' Blaster'(Domingo) being shot out of a cannon at a distance of 100 feet in the much publicised Human Cannonball presentation.An act which CIRCUS VEGAS say is"Nearly as safe as shaving with a chainsaw".Also in the second half was Miss Dayna and her adorable Bichon Dogs,an act which all the kids loved.A man and a women presented a well oiled presentation in which they performed various acts while standing on the backs of two horses.The clown also contributed a piece of funny business.Miss Peggy performed her Aerial Silks act with grace and beauty.Finally we had a lively and fabulous end to the show with 'The best of Africa' in which 4 men performed an astounding and really enjoyable limbo dancing and acrobatic presentation.They looked like they could do it all night it was amazing-it is an act which has to be seen to appreciate the magic of it.
                                                                                                                                                   I have done my best to describe what is a magical show,it has to be seen to be believed and even though it is pricey it is a fill two-hour show which is value for money.It is now touring Ireland and is not two be missed.1/2 price reduction offers are available and so with these
 it is actually quite cheap.The show is the best I have ever seen and earlier this year I visited the Chinese State Circus which I paid 30 and which had no animals or clowns and for me CIRCUS VEGAS was much more enjoyable and far outpassed my expectations and I give the show a RATING OF 10/10 and this is NOT exaggerated.It truly deserves the title"THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH".It was a wonderful nights entertainment,with very friendly staff and top of the range Circus acts from each corner of the globe.So if you see the roof of the big top of this show raised in your town,you would be a fool to miss the spectacle of CIRCUS VEGAS.